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Statistical Insight provides consulting and training services in the areas of business process improvement, lean six sigma implementation, and specialized statistical approaches such as design of experiments and data mining.

Company history
Statistical Insight was founded in 2003 by Lynda Finn. Lynda was previously a senior consultant at Oriel Incorporated (formerly Joiner Associates) where she was the lead subject matter expert on all Oriel Six Sigma programs and statistical content. For over 20 years, she has focused on using data and statistics to improve business processes and achieve key business objectives. She has worked with over 100 companies, large and small, at all levels. She has assisted most business functions, including manufacturing, operations, sales and marketing, product development, information technology, customer service, order processing, call centers, finance, HR, R&D and training. 

She has developed instructor led and e-learning training programs in process management, process design and improvement tools and methods. She has led numerous improvement projects which have resulted in multi-million dollar savings. She mentored and certified Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Blacks at numerous clients.

She has authored numerous publications including: Six Sigma Memory Jogger II - a Pocket Guide, Plain and Simple Process Improvement Tools Series (Oriel Inc.), Guiding Successful Projects (Oriel Inc.) She is certified as a Quality Engineer by the American Society of Quality.
Customer testimonials
Lynda Finn is quick and sure with problem diagnosis; thoroughly versed in the application of appropriate tools; precise in analysis; and succinct in her descriptions.
David Rasmusson
was Lynda's client


Lynda Finn is not only really smart and really skilled, she is also really delightful --and could be a stand-up comedian. A team player, a hard worker, and conscientious. It's great to work with her.
Kelly Allan, Owner, KAAL
worked with Lynda at Statistical Insight


Lynda Finn is an exceptional instructor and great post training resource for Six Sigma concepts.
Chris Markley
was Lynda's client